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MG OS Woh Pehli Baar Jab Ham Mile…

Hi guys some of u know me here but those who doesn’t i want tell them its me payal here with a OS on Maaneet as a diwali gift to all maaneet fans here and a bonus to all the lovely readers of GF  guys its my first OS so don’t be mad at me if u don’t like it …but i still hope that u  do like it keeping my fingers cross will be waiting eagerly for u r likes and comments ………..




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Part 1





Maan was driving his car in the dark rainy night weather was romantic  with cool breeze and feel like it is going to rain any time soon ‘.maan

 was not a person who was found of rain but he didn’t hate it too ”’his mood was cool as he had got the deal he wanted to sigh from so long and

 today was a success party for that only for which he was going to his clients place ‘..He switched on the radio to listen some songs and enjoy

 the long drive before he reached his destination as the weather was  indicating of rain with black clouds and thundering the road was empty

 with no traffic otherwise the drive wouldn’t be so easy for him as it would have taken double the time from the usual one ‘..While maan was lost

 driving listening to the music he saw that not far on one side of the road a car was standing with its bonnet up seemed like someone needed help

 and being a true human being he stopped his car near the standing one and got down to help the person ‘ he saw the person there he was

  surprised to see that the person was a girl who was trying to see and fix the problem in the car who seemed to have stopped working in middle of

 the road ‘.he tried to see the face of the person not knowing what to say as the person didn’t seem to notice him as she was completely engrossed

 in her work he tried to clear his throat but that also didn’t seem to work ……maan thought in his mind”’.









Maan: ohh god this girl seems to be too lost in her work now how to get her attention’.









He thought for few seconds then decided to move ahead a lil and bent towards the girl forwarding his hand he tapped her shoulder a lil and the reaction that come shocked him like anything ‘.




As soon as maan tapped the girl’s shoulder the girl got hell scared and jumped yelling which in result made her lose her balance and the next second she found herself lost in the mesmerizing eyes of the person in front of her having her arms around his neck to balance herself’.









While maan who was shocked to hear the scream saw that the girl was about to fall as she lost her balance and caught her in his arms in the nick of time to save her from getting hurt and saw her face for the first time and as he saw her face the first thing he noticed was her eyes seeing her deep hazels he too got lost in her eyes ”’..




Both of them where lost in each other eyes looking at the depth of their heart as both were able to see the person heart from his/her eyes ”







While both where lost the radio which was on in maan’s car played the song in the background”..marking the moment in both their hearts”.









Woh Pehli Baar Jab Ham Mile Hathon Mein Haath Jab Ham Chale

Hogaya Yeh Dil Deewana, Hota Hai Pyar Kya Kisne Jaana

Teri Aankhon Mein Jannat Basa Ke Chala, Teri Zulfo Ki Chauv Mein Chalta Chala

Tere Naino Mein Chain, Tere Lab Pe Khushi Tujhko Hee Main Mohobbat Bana Ke Chala








After few minutes while they both where still lost in their eye lock the sound of thunder brought them out of their revive making them aware of their position and both parted the next second and turned other side not facing each other getting embarrassed with what happened a few seconds back ‘.and both thought in their minds’.








Maan: yeh mujhi kya hugaya tha why was I so lost in her eyes’.





Asked a confuse maan to himself ‘..









Here girl too thought the same’but not to herself she was talking to her favorite babaji’.




Girl: hey babaji yeh mujhi kya hugaya tha why was I so lost in his eyes











Asked girl to her babaji who was equally confused as to how explain this two that what had happened with them and why were they lost in each other and just closed his eyes ‘.leaving it on them only and their time and destiny”’..







Khilti Kaliyon Mein Dhundhu Bas Tere Disha

Main Na Jaanu Hai Aakhir Yeh Kya Karva

Tujhe Dekhu To Aaye Lab Pe Khushi

Khuda Na Kare Ho Kabhi Duriya

Woh Pehli Baar Jab Ham Mile Hathon Mein Haath Jab Ham Chale

Hogaya Yeh Dil Deewana, Hota Hai Pyar Kya Kisne Jaana







While maan after composing himself turn to see that the girl was facing her back to him and he looked at her top to bottom she was wearing a jeans and top of sky blue color looking simple and sweet with her innocent looks ‘he remembered how much lost he was in those innocent pools of her which were the most mesmerizing eyes he had ever seen in his life not that he noticed all the girls around him but this girl had something in her which made him get so lost in depth of those innocent hazels ‘..








Maan was lost in his thoughts looking at the girls back when the girl all of a sudden turned making maan  turn his face the other side’.not looking at her ‘







While the girl who turned after composing herself and gathering courage as much as she can…she saw his look on her and frowned then anger cursed through her brain as she march towards him and poked his shoulder to get his attention as he seem to lost looking somewhere else or pretending as she had seen how he was looking at her lost in his thoughts and turned seeing her now facing him ‘











While feeling her poking him maan turned and look at her with his red angry eyes for poking him like that ‘and geet just gulp her saliva seeing those angry eyes but then she remembered how he had scared the life out of her just few minutes back and she too give him an angry and accusing look to him in return ”and said..





Girl: u…grhh what the hell why did u scare me like that?








She Asked maan angrily who in return snap back at her’









Maan: excuse me miss ‘.





Hogaya Hun Mai Pagal Ab Tere Liye

Tere Bin Dil Bechara Yeh Kaise Jeeye

Maine Khoyee Hai Chain Payee Tujhme Khushi

Tu Banni Jaane Jaana Meri Zindagi.

Woh Pehli Baar Jab Ham Mile Hathon Mein Haath Jab Ham Chale







Maan raise his one eye brow as if asking her what is u r name miss but the girl just frown at him not understanding his action and he got frustrated with all this as he was  getting late for the party and continued not bothering to ask her name and waste his time here’









Maan: miss who ever u r listen I was just trying to call u that too to ask u if u need any help…Got it…I didn’t knew that u r such a scared rat..










And smirked while saying rat’while the girl got the shock now and made a O face listening to the stranger and was about to give him back when the stranger didn’t even give her a chance to say anything and continued from where he left’








Maan: leave all that just tell me do u need any help and what had happened to u r car?





When the girl just give him a weird look in return without uttering a single word’







While seeing her looks maan just wanted to leave from their but as much as he wanted to his heart was not in his control who wanted to help this girl don’t know why and giving in to his heart desire he said ‘





Maan: listen miss I don’t have too much of my time for u right now so just tell me what is the problem with u r car and if u need any help and if not  then its u r wish ‘





While listening to this the girl forgot everything that happened before and said while pouting and making a baby complaining face ‘.







Hogaya Yeh Dil Deewana, Hota Hai Pyar Kya Kisne Jaana

Teri Aankhon Mein Jannat Basa Ke Chala, Teri Zulfo Ki Chauv Mein Chalta Chala

Tere Naino Mein Chain, Tere Lab Pe Khushi Tujhko Hee Main Mohobbat Bana Ke Chala.









Girl: I really don’t know what is the problem with this car it just stopped suddenly while driving and then when I tried to start it again… it didn’t happen and I don’t know anything about how to repair it plus this dam signal of my phone is also not working ‘ 










Girl: grhhh yeh Saab ajj he honatha kya mera saat babaji’.








She said the last sentence looking up in the sky’.









While maan was amused looking at these girls’ antics one second she is angry and in next she starts behaving and complaining like a kid and sometimes getting angry like anything gosh don’t know what will be her reaction the next second’





Not knowing what to say he just clear his throat to gain her attention’and it did work this time much too maan’s relief ‘




The girl looked at maan again hearing his voice and said in a sweet baby voice’.





Girl:thank u so much for being so nice but the problem is I need to reach some where soon but this dam car’







When maan cut her and said’









Maan: if u doesn’t mind I can drop u where ever u won’t’








When the girl first got lil scared thinking about it when maan who guessed it forwarded his hands towards her’.saying…









Maan: look there is no need for u to get scared I am not going to harm u in any way’and if u r worried that how can u trust a unknown person then let me introduce myself to u’my name is maan Singh khurana and u’







While the girl replied giving him a sweet smile…







Girl: my name is geet…





When maan said…








Maan: geet’




Getting the cue this time what maan was  asking about she said’







Geet: geet mohinder handa…







While maan was surprised as well as shocked to hear her full name and said …









Maan: so u r the one who is going to work with me on the new project’?











Sorry for mistakes guys Hope u guys like it will continue it only if u want me too  luv yaa ……..






i want to dedicate this OS to my lovely akku de too i know de i am late to wish u on ur birthday sorry for it de luv yaa its a surprise for u hope u like it happy belated birthday de ……



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