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MG OS Woh Pehli Baar Jab Ham Mile… Part 2

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Part 2

While maan was surprised as well as shocked to hear her full name and said


Maan: so u r the one who is going to work with me on the new project’?


Maan said this to himself in a whisper so geet couldn’t hear it…but then he thought that he must have heard wrong as MR. handa had told him that his daughter has gone for holiday for a month after completing her MBA and will be back after 1 week then how came she is here before a week’.thought maan confused and then thought to ask her only”about all this and said’


Maan: u r geet handa MR. Mohinder handa’s daughter?


Asked maan in a questioning tone to which geet just gives a nod with a confuse expression thinking why is he asking this now just now to she told her full name na”..


While maan again questioned her ignoring her confuse expression for now as he too was confused to bother about her confusion and explain her anything”..


Maan: but u was supposed to come next week right?


When geet was shocked to hear this thing from a strangers mouth thinking how does he know about her where about and her schedule like when she will be coming back and all but then a thought comes in her mind making her horrified like anything’.


Geet: hey babaji kahe yeh koi kidnapper tu nahi haina’. whose next target is me and he was just waiting for me to be back from my holidays ‘so that he can’.


Geet couldn’t even complete the thought scared of even thinking in that way as she had heard about all this kidnapping and had even seen in films as in how they kidnap girls then sell them for money or kill them if they don’t get the amount they had asked from their targets family ”.the thought of selling and killing gave her heart a jerk making her heart sink a lil even with the thought of all this she was horrified like anything with her forehead getting wet with sweat ‘


While maan seeing her face and looks was getting confuse as her face expression keeps on changing from fear to baby pleading and then to horror and then she started sweating like anything even in this cool weather he got worried seeing her like that and called her to get her attention ‘..


Maan: geet”


Not getting any reaction from her he tried another time a in a loud voice to call her but still there was no reaction from her and she was shivering and sweating like anything standing like a statue their lost in her thoughts getting hell worried and frustrated with her behavior he just pulls her forcefully from her shoulder to his hard frame looking at her with worried but angry eyes making her shiver all the more getting hell scared for her life and as if something struck in her mind and all her fear just flew out of her mind and her face was now having an evil smirk ”.


While looking at her face now maan was like ”


Maan: gosh what a piece she is she has different expression every second how am I to understand what the hell is going on in her mind”.



He thought to himself in his mind and was looking at her with his angry looks getting hell frustrated with the happening and the confusion he had in his mind’.


While in next second something happened which shocked him like anything ”.


When maan was lost in his thoughts geet’s evil mind was working on its full speed and seeing him lost in his thoughts she took the opportunity and just stomps on his shoes real hard making him leave her shoulders and jump holding his legs in his hand gasping in pain as geet was wearing heels and it hurt him like anything in his toes he give her his famous MSK glare which made geet gulp her saliva but then as if she got her brain back she turn to make a run from there to save herself from this kidnapper but maan was sharp enough to get it from her move that she is about to run away and before she can run after turning maan control himself and took hold of her one wrist making geet hold her moves and once again the fear was back on her face and she started struggling to free herself from his hold but couldn’t be successful in it as he was holding her wrist in a tight and firm grip but was carful enough not to hurt her with his hold”..and said’


Maan: what the hell was that r u out of u r mind here I am trying to help u and u ‘..


But couldn’t even complete his sentence when all of a sudden geet turned now facing him and did something which made him close his eyes and then shout as his eyes started burning like hell and he leave her and started rubbing his eyes likes anything trying to lessen the burning sensation but nothing was helping it was just increasing the burning sensation in his eyes”


And he shouted on her again’.


Maan: ohh god r u mad or what…gosh what have u done my eyes ahhh”.


Flash back:


When maan was saying all his in this entire time geet mind who was covered in fear at  that time remembered something and not wasting any more time she just used her other hand and took out something from her jeans pocket which was pink in color and then opening it she thought in her mind”


Geet: now let’s see who saves u from this MR. Maan Singh ghurana ‘


Opps then biting her lips she corrected it and said


Geet: khurana’..


And then giggling to herself with a evil smirk playing on her lips she turned around opening her defense weapon she didn’t give him time to even see or think about what was happening or what was going to happen and used her I Phone pepper spray as her defense weapon making him almost black out with her action and the reaction she got was worth watching”’



FB ends’


While maan was screaming as his eyes were burning like hell geet was enjoying it like anything thinking that now she is safe and he can’t do anything to her or kidnap her but in all this she totally forgot to run from the situation and was standing there enjoying like a fool seeing him rubbing his eyes and said’.


Geet: dikhliya geet handa opps no geet mohinder handa se panga line ka natija’.


And giggled before continuing’.


Geet: from next time don’t even think about harming me kidnapping tu dur ki bat hai warna”


And left the sentence unfinished warning him…and keept standing there with a big smile on her face while maan was shocked listening to all this and was standing still with his hands on his eyes ‘


When all of a sudden it started raining heavily it was as if god felt mercy on poor maan and his eyes which were burning because of the pepper spray and like maan too got the hint and faced the sky letting the water drops sooth his pain and raise his both hands letting himself get lost in this rain”’



While geet who felt the rain forgot everything and just like a child she started enjoying in the rain dancing twirling in the rain”’




After few minutes maan opened his eyes and look around to see geet who was all lost enjoying the rain just like a kid both of them forgot what had happened a minute before ‘and where lost in the moment enjoying the rain’.


Maan got lost looking at her enjoying the rain ”’




While geet was all lost enjoying and dancing in the rain when all of a sudden they heard a thunder roared’.making maan come out of his staring sensation and look in the sky at the lightening that happened just now ‘when all of a sudden geet hugged him getting scared of the thunder”making maan shocked at first then slowly-slowly he too responded to her hug getting lost n the moment”’..



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