payalpari's maaneet land

part 20 B

Dadima: but that doesn’t mean that u will take out u r anger on this poor door”…And break things like this in the house maan’ because I won’t like u breaking some or the other thing every day in the house u know ””…

And winked at both of them while both were just tongue tied now and hell embarrassed in front of Dadima and both just prayed at the same time to babaji to save them from this embarrassing situation and it was like babaji has some Mercy on them and they here someone’s knocking and turned to look at the door it was nakul who had brought turmeric milk for geet and Dadima nodded her head looking at him signaling him to come inside and he moves towards Dadima with the milk in his hand and says’


Nakul: yeh lijeyi Dadima ‘.

And handed the tray to Dadima and turn to go but stopped dead seeing the bathroom door broken and looked back at Dadima shocked and asked ‘…

Nakul: Dadima yeh darwaza yeh Kaisi Tuta?


Hearing this question Dadima give a teasing smile to both maaneet while geet just looked down feeling shy and maan gets hell embarrassed and his checks turn lil red with the red hue while he tries to maintain his angry looks glaring at Dadima for the teasing looks and at nakul’s back while Dadima was having a tough time controlling her laughter seeing her grandsons state and the lil read hue on his check which he was trying mask behind his anger ‘.but how much ever he tries he can’t hide it from her and she was enjoying all this a lot and thought to herself ‘.


Dadima: what a lovely start of the morning geet ki babaji now to I just wish to get this chance to tease my grandson every day ‘he he I know it’s too much but I am enjoying it really very much babaji after all who would imagine the great maan Singh Khurana blushing she thought it in her mind with a evil smirk on her face’

She comes out off her thoughts when she heard nakul calling her once again asking the same question to her about the broken door ‘.

Nakul: Dadima app kuch boll kyun nahi rahi please batainyen Na ki yeh darwaza Kisi Tuta?


Asked nakul once again to which Dadima smirked at the 3 of them and then replied to nakul’

Dadima: yeh to appku serf maan he Bata saktain hay nakul akhir yahe tu hain jinhooone yeh Saab kiya hay kyun maan bte?

Ask Dadima turning her attention from nakul to maan who just looks the other way with fake anger ‘with a baby face which only Dadima could notice as it was masked with his anger to hide the embarrassment and red hue of his checks ‘ 
She had a bright smile on her face looking at her grandson ohh how much she had longed for this moment till now”..


While nakul just gulped his saliva hearing her and thought in his mind ‘.


Nakul: main maan sir se question karu? Yeh tu sunne main bhi Asia lag raha hay ki Dadima mujhi kharahi hay ki main sheer ki gufaa main Jake use lalkaru na baba na un se pocha tu who jawab nahi dengi balki mere bhi halat esh darwaji ki tarah he hogeaji ‘..Liken bina jawab ki mere dimag ku chain bi to nahi aye gana’

And he looked at Dadima with a baby face while Dadima just give a I can’t help u look to him in return and not able to control his curiosity nakul turned to maan now facing him and give a nervous smile to him and said’.


Nakul: maan sir’.


He called in a slow voice with hell nervous voice to scared off MSK’s anger ‘but couldn’t help himself with this question so he asked it finally ”to get rid of the curiosity and his nervousness too’.


Nakul: maan sir yeh darwaajaaa”.

His voice got stuck in his throat seeing maan’s red eyes glaring at him with murderous looks even before he completes his sentence while nakul just gulped his other words with his saliva only not daring to wake up the sleeping lion getting petrified by even his snoring only’..


While Dadima had a hard time in controlling her laughter all the more seeing the interaction between maan and poor nakul who was scared to even open his mouth again seeing the angry eyes of her grandson’.and she felt pity on his condition seeing him almost dead with his scared body shivering because of fear so to rescue him from maan’s wrath Dadima asked to nakul’.


Dadima: nakul I forgot to ask u is breakfast ready?


And poor nakul just thanked his stars for saving him from meeting his death and then silently thanked Dadima through his eyes while Dadima just smiled in return at him when he turned to her for answering her question and said ‘


Nakul: ji Dadima breakfast is ready we just need to set the table ‘


He replied while stammering lil bit with his trembling lips still shivering ‘.


Dadima: that’s good nakul just do one thing bring the breakfast in outhouse only today we all will have it here only ok?

Nakul: ji Dadima’.


Said nakul and turned to go but once again his eyes caught the site of the broken door and he kept staring at it as if trying to get his answers from that broken door itself while Dadima flowed his gaze seeing him still standing their only and shook her head at his curiosity and maan who was seeing his one side face saw that his gaze was again stuck on that door only got hell frustrated and shouted”’.


Maan: nakul us darwajee ku ghorna band karu abh aur Joe Jake breakfast Kylie table set karu’. 


Shouted maan hearing to which nakul run like his tail is on fire and in just 2 sec he was out of maan’s site while maan just closed his eyes trying to control his anger while Dadima who till now was controlling her laughter just couldn’t take it anymore and burst out laughing …

and soon geet who till now was looking down not able to meet Dadima’s eyes because of shyness but was hearing everything that was happening around her and trying to see everything from the corner of her eyes but was not that successful as nakul was just standing in front of her but when she hear maan shouting like that at nakul she look upwards and saw towards maan and then towards nakul but before she can guess anything she saw nakul fly out of the room and seeing him run like that she too laughed out loud joining Dadima’..while maan who heard their laughter open his eyes and glanced at both ladies seeing them laugh he too couldn’t control himself and joined them and soon the three of them where laughing holding their stomach ‘..
precap : geet craving for pasta Shocked
Guys i just hope u all enjoy this update and give me u r love and support with u r likes and comments guys it really means a lot to me silent readers plz do let me know u r views about my ff …will be waiting for u r comments and likes …Day Dreamingsorry for mistake guys Smile



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