payalpari's maaneet land

part 20

                                                                                                        (Banner credit goes to :maankimishty)


                      Part 20 




While maan just gulped his saliva now understanding the meaning of geet’s look and looked at her giving her a glare as if blaming her that’s it’s all because of u now see where we have landed…


While geet was like now what and said to her-self… 


Geet: abb Maine kya kiya ki yeh mujhi phirse appni Bari-Bari ankeen dikha rahi hay babaji bacha Lena apne nanhi se Bache ku Han…


And looks at maan giving him her all time Favorite confuse baby look  while he just glares at her in return …….



Both of them were lost in their eye talk and didn’t notice Dadima who was looking at both of them waiting for their response on her question and was getting quite frustrated with their silence now on her simple question about a broken door but controlling it for now she called out to them……….



Dadima: maan geet beta…



Maneet: …



Both of them were lost in their eye talk and didn’t hear Dadima who was calling them…



While seeing them still lost in their eye conversation Dadima just lost all her control and shouted at them this time bringing them out of their eye talk …



Dadima: maan…Geet…



Called Dadima in her stern voice this time which made both of them to look at her coming out of their eye talk and geet got lil scared hearing Dadima’s stern  voice for the first time ever and gulped her saliva looking down and maan just turn his face not facing her ….



while Dadima was giving them both a stern look now and just when she was about to shout at them once again something stuck in her mind and then a evil smirk come on her face but she soon hide it and made a stern face not letting maan see it as she knew he is watching her from the corner of his eyes ….so she turns and looks at geet seeing her lil scared and looking at the floor she knew what is need to be done next so she called her in her stern voice asking the same question again as she knew it will work  ….



Dadima: geet will u tells me how did this door broke and who did it? Or not?



While poor geet who was already scared hearing Dadima’s stern voice got more scared now and tried to say something …



Geet: woh…Dadima…woh



Dadima: woh…woh kya geet abb app age bhi kuch bolinge yaa nahi



Told Dadima in her stern voice scaring a lil geet more so that she gets her answer and that is what happened scared geet just blurted out what dadima wanted to hear ….



Geet: Maan sir



Thought her voice was low but it was enough for both the khurana’s to hear because of their strong hearing power and both had different reaction to it while one was giving her killing looks the other was giving her a smile and she knew now what is going to happen next and made a puppy dog face for being caught between the 2 khurana’s and looked at the ceiling giving babaji her angry looks for getting her stuck between them while Dadima said in a teasing voice now to both of them……….



Dadima: maan now stop glaring at geet and scaring her with u r glares it won’t save u from my question so spare her from that looks of urs?



Asked Dadima in a serious tone while maan was still busy glaring at geet not paying any head to Dadima’s question as he too knows what’s going to happen now ….and decided to not look at her because he was to embarrass to face her right now after getting caught like this in front of her again and was trying hard to hide his embarrassment by showing his angry looks ………..



But who knows him batter then his Dadima she know what was the reason behind his constant glaring and his fake angry looks and decided to teach him a lesson for even trying to fool her……



Dadima: maan don’t try this tricks of yours and tell me why did u broke this door ………?



Just as Dadima finished the sentence she made a face like she just remember something right now and then give a teasing smile to both of them…while geet got lil shy seeing that teasing smile from Dadima now and look down not able to meet her eyes in shyness while maan just move his face the other side now not looking at both of them ……..but crushed himself mentally as the other side was the broken door and now he was looking at it and as soon as he saw it he remembered every scene that happen yesterday night and just prayed that the look his Dadima just give him now was not because of what he was thinking but for some other reason whatever it may be but not what he was thinking….but boy was he right ? He doubted it himself ……..



And the next sentence he heard from his Dadima confirmed that his doubt was right and his Dadima has caught him this time too………..



Dadima : opps yeh baat hum kisay bhol gayi abbh hume samaj aya yeh saab kya hay aur kisay hua …



Told dadima giving her teasing looks to both while both were still not looking at her …so she continued…



Dadima : maan beta hum janti hai that u got angry because I disturbed u both love birds at night at wrong time but it’s not my fault na I really didn’t know that u both were u know ……..



Dadima paused for a second to look at their reaction and it was worth watching as maan’ cheek was getting a lil red and geet to was sharam say Pani –pani right now they both were feeling like a teenager caught red handed by their parents while doing a mischief and both were not at all able to look at Dadima and Dadima was enjoying it to the fullest again after yesterday night …….



Dadima: but that didn’t mean that u will take out u r anger on this poor door……..And broke things like this in the house maan…because I won’t like u breaking some or the other thing every day in the house u know …………..



And winked at both of them while both were just tongue tied now and hell embarrassed in front of Dadima and both just prayed at the same time to babaji to save them from this embarrassing situation and it was like babaji has some Mersey on them and they here someone’s knocking and turn to look at the door it was nakul who brought turmeric milk for geet…and Dadima nodded her head looking at him signaling him to come inside and he moves towards Dadima with the milk in his hand and says…


Nakul: yeh lijeyi Dadima ….



And handed the tray to Dadima and turn to go but stopped dead seeing the bathroom door shocked and looked back at Dadima and asked …..


Nakul: Dadima yeh darwaza yeh kisi Tuta?




Precap : abb kya hoga ?Wink



Guys i really don’t know how this update is so i just hope u all enjoy this update and give me u r love and support with u r likes and comments guys it really means a lot to me silent readers plz do let me know u r views about my ff …will be waiting for u r comments and likes …Day Dreamingsorry for mistake guys Smile


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