payalpari's maaneet land

part 9

Maan come out from the out house and made his way towards the mansion he saw that dadima and two other person standing near the door and talking with dadima he just walk past them making his way towards his room when dadima looks at maan’s retreating figure and calls him’..


Dadima: maan beta


When she sees that he doesn’t stop and is trying to ignore her she call’s out sternly ”’


Dadima: maan I am calling u so just stop right their!


Maan just try to control his anger and stops he knows she is angry and he has to talk to her now ””.he turns towards dadima


Maan: dadima main ”’


But dadima cuts him and comes to him saying’.. (Now they r in side the mansion)


Dadima: no maan stop I know u r not in the mode to talk but it’s important she stops ‘.


As her eyes full on maan’s shirt which has coffee stains on it she was looking at it and maan looks at her as she stopped in between and looks where she was looking and notice that it was his shirt which has coffee stains ‘.he asked her not wanting to talk about the coffee as his anger raise and said to dadima ”


Maan: dadima what do u wants to talk to me?


Dadima: maan I said to u that I am coming to out house to talk to both of u didn’t I then what r u doing here can’t u wait two minutes  for me and what happen to u r shirt ?


Maan: nothing dadima u were talking about some thing?


Maan asked trying to change the topic but dadima got that something was fishy here and was about to ask him what happen when their was a knock on the main door ”..they all turn to see that a person with a packet was standing their dadima asked him what he wanted ”..


Person: mr.khurana has asked to deliver these medicines ‘!


Maan: hmmm


Dadima and the other two persons see as maan pays for the medicine and take the packet from the person ”..the person leaves maan turns and looks as dadima was looking at him and when she sees that he is not going to say any thing she decided to  asks maan herself ”


Dadima: maan will u tells me what’s the matter?


Maan thinks for some time and then decides to answer her questions and says ‘.


Maan: dadima wow geet is not feeling well that’s why this medicine and this is why I was not in office we went for her check up I didn’t inform u as I knew that u will get worried.


Dadima: maan what is this I know from u r voice that u r worried but u should have told me that u r worried because of this and what happen to geet she was fine in the morning?


Maan: dadima she was ill some days back remember?


Dadima: yes


Maan: she didn’t go to doctor that time so I thought to take her for a check up just to know if she is fine now but doctor told me that she is really weak and need  rest that’s why nothing else dadima ‘


Dadima: what is this maan I know that u r write at u r place but do u think it’s fair maan I am not only u r dadima I am geet’s dadima too and it gives me the right to know everything about her may whatever be the reason but I didn’t like the way u didn’t told me about it before.


Dadima said all this clearly disappointed with maan for hiding it from her”


Maan: I know dadima it’s just that I didn’t wanted u to worry nothing else .now I have to go dadima I’ll see u later hmm



Dadima sighed thinking nothing can change her stubborn grandson ‘



Dadima: ok dear but do take care of her will c u both at dinner ok beta have to talk something important to u too .


Nodding his head maan makes his way to his room ‘.dadima sighed and she to goes from their leaving the other two persons lost in their thoughts ”



Here at the outhouse after maan left geet was just staring at the way he left thinking about what he said shocked at to what to say after few  seconds geet recovers from her shock and made a ‘o’ shape face looking at the sealing complains to her babaji’.



Geet: dekha-dekha babaji what was my fault in it ‘.I just wanted to make his mood light that’s why I brought his favorite black coffee for him but before I can call him and give it to him he turned around suddenly and it got all messed up and instead of saying sorry to me he started shouting on me when it was his fault but not mine and what he said that I am what wow ‘wow yaa that I am chalta phirta disaster dusht-danav khahike he can never accepts that  its his fault after all he is msk na geet how can he ever be wrong did u forget what he says I am maan Singh khurana the msk and msk can never be wrong got it (geet says the last line mimicking maan)  chado Jane do who will argue with him and bare his angry eyes now if I go and say something he will again scold me for no mistake of mine it will be better if I go and change my dress hain na babaji ”


and goes to from their …


Here in the mansion maan comes in his room and takes out his shirt and is now in his vest he makes his way towards washroom after some time he comes out moving towards his cupboard he takes out his white shirt and changes in it ”..and movies towards the window he is deep in his thoughts ”’.



Maan: (ST) what should I do know she doesn’t even know anything about pregnancy  nor she knows what she should do and what not how am I to explain all this to her gosh she is only 18 she needs her mother to explain all this to her to make her understand that she should be careful while walking in this period of time if it goes on like this and she keep on bumping and slipping while walking god only knows what will happen no I need to make her understand I know its my responsibility to keep geet and the baby safe I can’t let anything happen to them but for that I need to know everything about pregnancy but how this is the question ”


Then suddenly something strikes in his mind and he makes his way outside”’..


As he was going to seat in his car his phone ring, it was adi who was calling maan picks the call ”’.



Maan: hello adi what is it?



Adi: sir I have mailed u the details of the project which tender we need to submit today if u can check it and approve it then I’ll submit it ‘.



Maan: hmm I’ll check it and call u adi


As maan was about to cut the call adi stops him


Maan: what now adi?


Maan ask him in his angry voice ”.making him hell scared ‘.


Adi: (stammering)”’r sir u need to check it now I have to submit it in 2 hours so I need u r approval now .


Maan sighed ‘


Maan: hmm


Maan made his way towards outhouse’as his laptop and all things were their in the outhouse only ”. He sat on his chair and opened his laptop and started working”..he was working when geet come downstairs she sees him working and goes and seats on the opposite chair near the table as she doesn’t have anything to do and looks here and their getting bore, maan looks at her seating their doing nothing and looking here and their and says ”’.



Maan: geet go to my room there is a parcel in it their r u r medicine take them.


Geet: medicine but”..


Even before geet can complete her sentence maan give her a deadly glare ”’..and said or rather shout at her ordering her ‘


Maan: geet can’t u for once do what I say without arguing with me? Now go and bring them and take them in front of me ”..


When he saw geet looking at him making faces he shouts ”’


Maan: geet I said go and bring the medicine now!


Geet without arguing makes her way not wanting to make him more angry then he already was she know if she said anything now he may just start shouting at her again what she didn’t wanted as she had it enough for the day .



Maan in all this forget that adi was on the call and waiting for his response and he too here what maaneet were talking and got worried for geet as to what happen to her that she needs to take medicine and at the same time he was glad to know that how much maan sir loves her and is taking care of her ”..but couldn’t stop himself from asking ‘.and thought of asking him once maan was back on call ”..


Maan again started working after few seconds when he stretch his hand to take a file and his eyes fall on his cell and he sees that its on the call with adi ‘then he remembers that adi is still waiting for his reply for the project approval he has keep his cell aside to on his laptop and had started working when geet came and he got distracted he sighed and pick his cell and say ”


Maan: adi did u got all the information related to the project and the company as the company is new we can’t take any chance u knows right?


Adi: yes Sir I have got all the information and have checked it myself too ‘.


Maan: hmm everything seems fine then adi anything else that needs to be seen by me?


Adi: no sir


Maan: ok then keep me updated with office work hmm”


He was about to cut the call when adi ask out of the blue ”.


Adi: maan sir what happened to geet is she fine sir?


Maan then only relies that adi had heard everything”..


Maan: yes adi she is fine nothing to worry hmm


Adi: yes sir bye sir.


Maan: hmmm.


Maan cuts the call and again starts working he was checking his mails their was mail from a unknown email Id maan opened it was from a book-store newly opened with the service in which they deliver the books at u r doorstep in 3hrs after the order in Delhi only as it’s a new service and his store is in Delhi only and said that will available for the other cities soon when they expand their business ‘..Maan read the mail and think for few seconds and then took his cell and moves towards the window making call and start talking when it was answered ‘..


Maan: I wanted to order books can u deliver it in this address ********** in 3 hrs


Maan asked to confirm ‘that its not a mistake but they r going to deliver it in 3 hrs as it’s the first net service which has this less time duration for delivery compare to the other net service we have now a days which will deliver the order in minimum 2-3 days and not before that ”.


what he didn’t know was that geet has come back with the medicine and is hearing his talks over the phone and is shocked wondering what is he doing making a confuse face and listen ahead what is he talking (geet bad manners u should not do  eves dropping)


Person on phone: yes sir we will deliver u r order at the given address in 3 hrs only but can u tell me which books do u wont?


Maan: I want books related to pregnancy.


Person on phone: ok sir but which book because their r many books on pregnancy which one do u want?


Maan: deliver the books in which they tell what a person should do and what not in pregnancy.


Person on phone: ok sir it will be delivered in 3 hrs for sure thanks for ordering.


Maan: hmm.


As soon as maan turns geet through her arms around his neck hugging him tight with tears in her eyes first maan was shocked then worried hearing her sobs he asks her what happened ‘





Maan: geet what happened?


Geet: sob…sob


Maan: will u tell me what the matter is? Why r u crying?


After hearing his talk over the phone geet was really surprised and got really emotional ”.she sensed the concern he has in his voice for her for the first time in the whole day and she some how controls her emotions and come out of the hug ‘.and start creasing his check with all the love she had for him and looks at him lovingly with her eyes full of love and respect for him which had reached new heights today after hearing his talks over the phone’.maan breaks her thoughts and asked again bring her back to reality ”.


Maan: geet will u say something why r u crying? What happened?


Geet: u were worried about me from the morning that’s why u were shouting on me again and again and it was the reason why u were worried from the time we left doctors office and u were getting angry because of this only and I didn’t even know about why u were so worried ””.


Geet: Does u love me so much that even after knowing my past knowing that I am pregnant with someone else’s child


Geet: not only u accepted me with my past but accepted my baby too whom his own blood relation wanted to kill’


Geet: whom his own father didn’t accept and wanted to abort whom no one in the world would have accepted after knowing the truth about my marriage


Geet: u care so much for me and my baby that u took me to doctor for my check up which I too didn’t thought about ..and when the doctor blamed u for it u didn’t let me say anything when it was not even u r fault .


Geet: u cares so much for me and the baby that u’.


Maan cuts her in the middle cupping her face in his hand saying’.



Maan: haan geet and one more thing geet it’s our baby geet and not u r baby it’s my baby too haan geet our baby geet ‘


Maan: I know that I am not the biological father of the baby but in every other way I am his father and u can’t snatch the right from me no one can got it ‘


Maan said all this emotionally but he said the last part in his attitude and with a strange warning in his voice letting geet know how possessive and protective he was  for their baby and her ”.making her smile feeling lucky to get such a person in her life who has a heart of not gold but diamond ”

Geet nodded her head and hugged him tight again feeling really emotional happy and lucky’


maan to hugged her back lovingly taking her in his arms protecting her from this world and keeping her safe in his heart and shedding her from all the harm promising to protect her and their baby for the rest of his life.

precap: 1)dadima’s talk
             2)maaneet moments Blushing

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