payalpari's maaneet land

part 8

Sasha bangs the file on the table angry and helpless as she can’t do anything she thinks geet I’ll not leave u this easily u had to pay for what u had done”’too me u snatched my love from me I’ll not leave u I hate geet I hate u”’she thinks in her mind her eyes spiting fire.


At km


Dadima was sitting in the leaving room trying to call maan on his cell but he was not responding she tried it 2 -3 times but not getting any response she called office at reception pinky answered the call’


Pinky: good morning kc how may I help u?


Dadima: its Savitri dive speaking pinky’


Pinky: hello maam 


SD: is maan in any meeting’?


Pinky: maan sir but maam maan sir why will he be here? (She thought that dadima knows about him being on leave)


SD: Pinky if he should not be at office then where he should be?(Asked dadima as a matter of fact rolling her eyes knowing her grandson and his passion towards his work and how workaholic he is’)


Pinky: how would I know about it maam?


SD: ok leave it connect the phone to geet”


She thought to ask geet as she is maan’s secretary and now his fianc too she must know where he is or may be both are together only thought dadima with a smile on her face happy that now maan to has some one in his life by his side after her a person who can fight with him and had the guts to answer him back dadima smile got bigger remembering them fighting like kids in the morning’.pinky’s voice brought dadima back from her thoughts”..


Pinky: but geet is also not here maam (now she was getting confused by dadima’s  behavior)


SD: ok


Pinky: ok maam (with this their conversation end leaving a confused pinky with her thoughts)



Sighed dadima not knowing what to do and where to find the due’..and was worried and angry at the same time on maan for not receiving her call’.maan has never did that before he always answers her call or will call her back if he is in any meeting”.but what now where he is if not in office”..she was worried as she remembered his worried face when he got the call and then his hurry for the meeting” worried Dadima thinks to call maan again and luckily this time he picks up the phone ””



Same time on the other hand maan has just finished his talk with the client and was about to check the call list to see if he had any missed calls but at the same time his phone ring it was dadima who was calling he picked the phone””.)



Maan: hello dadima



Dadima: hello maan what is all this why r u not picking up the call and where r u? Where is geet why u both r not in office?



Dadima bombarded him with all her questions irritating him further”then he already was’.



Maan: dadima from when did u start speaking like geet?



Highly irritated with both the women in his life who loves to talk like anything and can’t seat quite even for a second”’..



Dadima knew from his voice that he is irritated and angry then she thought when he is not angry does he have any other mode at all”..she thought rolling her eyes at his irritating voice and said in a teasing tone just to irritate him all the more”..



Dadima: no maan son it’s not me who speaks like geet but its u now days who can’t think anything else then the love of u r life and soon to be or sell I say would be wife and fianc geet”.



She said it all in a teasing tone smirking”enjoying it like anything”.while on the other hand maan was just getting irritated with her teasing him like he is a teenager who had recently fall in love”..



Maan: dadima if u had forgotten than let me remind u that I am no more a teenager but a grown man now so please if u r teasing session is over then please tell me why were u calling me?



He said all this again in his angry and irritated voice but dadima can find something else too in is voice it was filled with tension and worry that he was trying to hide in his angry tone but who was he kidding .can he hide anything from his great dadima who know him inside out’ hearing his voice dadima got concern and decide to ask him about it”’.



Dadima: maan what happen why are u sounding worried?



Maan: nothing dadima



He said not wanting to talk about the matter right now ”dadima knowing him understood it and decide to change the topic”’..



Dadima: ok tell me where r u both? I called in office too but u people were not their’.



Maan: yaa dadima we are not in office but outhouse



Dadima cut him in the middle hearing him and said ‘



Dadima: u both are in the outhouse and here I am trying to talk to u both sence morning maan what type of behavior is this if u r at home then why r u not picking up my call is this a way to behave



And suddenly stoped as a thought strike her mind and said wait I am coming their and cut the call not giving a chance to maan to say anything”..and made her way to the outhouse here on the other hand maan looked at the phone wanting to bang his head on the wall frustrated and angry”.



When geet came from the kitchen with his black coffe and stood behind maan and was about to call him to give him his coffe as he was facing his back towards her when maan truned around suddenly angryly looking at the phone in his hand due to Which both collided in to each other making the coffe spilt on both of them the coffe was little hot and both can feel it but as they both were standing near the window and the weather was cold it din’t hurt them and both looked at each other with angry and killing expression’.it was maan who blasted first’



Maan: geeet



Yelled maan at top of his voice and glared at her angrily giving her mudureos looks if looks can kill some one then geet would be surely dead by now but she was equally angry as it was not her fault only but his too she made and o shape mouth seeing him yelling at her again and knew that he was again going to put all the blame on her”.so she said in an aqually angry tone’



Geet: 1 minute before u put all the blame on me let me make it clear it was not entirely my fault u were the one



However, maan din’t let her complete her sentence hearing her blameing him and said in an angry tone’



Maan: geet its not at all my fault its only u r fault u were the one standing behind me with the cup so it will be good if u accept it was u r fault and dare not blame me for it got it’.!



Maan said all this and pointed his finger at her while saying the last sentence geet made a face while looking at his finger then at his face and then looked at him in the eye … his eyes where red in anger as he stared in her eyes soon both got lost in each other eyes staring angrily  at each other but it was not long before geet come back to her sense and retroted back’.angrily’



Geet: it’s not my fault its u r fault u were the one who turned back suddenly and not me so stop blameing me for everything got it’



She too said and pointed her finger at him staring at him in the eye all the while saying this looking at him angrly for blameing her and not accepting his side of mistake’



Now it was maan’s turn to look at her then at her finger then he said angryly’



Maan: geet u knows what u r right it’s not u r fault’




Said maan sacratisticaly pausing before he continue to she her reaction and making her look at him with her mouth open wide’wondering what happened that he suddenly accepted his mistake’but his next sat of words leave her shocked gaping at him…



Maan (continued): that u r a chalta-firta disaster’



Said maan and leaved from their before geet can say something not giving her a chance to say anything he was hell angry and frustrated he needed some time alone to think clamly’which was not posible if she keeps on doing silly thing and make him more angry and mad’.



At the same time…at kc



On the other hand some one who had heard dadima’s and pinky’s conversation though she can only hear  what pinky said but was able to make out what the other person was speaking and the way pinky was talking and telling about maan she knew it was non other then dadima and was not very happy and leaved the office strait away lots of thought were their in her mind…



                                **********The end**********




precap:dadima…talk to maaneet ?


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