payalpari's maaneet land

part 7

Maan (self-thought) great here I am so angry on her and she doesn’t even know why I am so angry I wonder if she even knows that I am angry with her””’.god what do I do with this girl ghrhh he got really frustrated he was already trying very hard not to blast on her again as he was worried for her after whatever the doc said and when she said that she doesn’t had her breakfast he got worried as well as angry and blasted on her in the living room but when he came to kitchen he was feeling bad for scolding her as she was not well but at the same time he was angry on her for not having her breakfast so decided to not to talk to her””otherwise he will again shout at her and will again feel bad.




It was true he was worried for her but at the same time he was hell angry on her for neglecting her health and being irresponsible when she knows she is expecting but at the same time he know that it’s not her fault she just 18years old not old enough to even take care of herself how is she to take care of this unborn child god dam it how is she to understand what she should do or not do when u r expecting and how to take care of herself it was the time when she needed her family her mother who should teach her about all this it was responsibility of her family to take care of her in this time but then he thought what the was he thinking her family taking care of her forget taking care they wanted to kill her just to hide their wrong deeds he was just getting more angry with the thoughts of her family ”..he was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t hear her calling him from don’t know how long ”..getting frustrate with his non-responding geet literally shook him holding his shoulder asking him what happened ””.




Geet: what’s the matter why r u so angry maan sir?




Maan who was just brought back to reality just shook had for a no indicating nothing which made geet even more confused of this behavior of his ”’.




Maan saw that she has still not eaten anything and give her a warning glare when he got a confused look in return frustrated he took the plate in his hand and made a bite of the paratha placing it near her mouth and indicating with his eyes to open her mouth and eat ”which made geet realize what he was getting so angry on and her eyes got teary as she had the first bite where as maan got confused as to why she was crying and then he thought is there any problem with parathas ”’.? It was the first time he had cooked something Indian so having this thought was natural but the next second he got the shock when geet took a piece of apple from the fruit salad and placing it near his mouth and indicating with her eyes to open his mouth and eat it is when he too understood why she haven’t had her breakfast”’and was no feeling double guilty for shouting on her as it was not her fault he was the one who leave the dining table at the time of breakfast without having anything and she was waiting for him as she wanted to have it with him but he was the one who told her to get ready fast after returning and without waiting for an answer he just leave from their as he doesn’t wanted dadima to question them ‘.and lied that about the meeting.




Again lost in his thoughts he didn’t hear geet calling him still holding the piece of apple in her hand for him waiting for him to have it when geet doesn’t get any response seeing him lost again she shouted ‘.calling him ”’.out of his revive ””.



Geet: maan sir maan sir”..what’s r u thinking”’.?



Maan: huh nothing



”he said as he had the piece of apple from her hand’.and made a bite of paratha and feed her and soon both started feeding each other lost in each other one (maan) is thinking about what to do know how to make her understand everything about how to take care and all and while the other (geet) is thinking as to what had happened to maan sir and what is he thinking so much and why he is looking so worried and why is he looking so lost what’s the matter and so on ””.?



Both where thinking about each other feeding each other lost”’in their thoughts”..soon after both finished their food and geet stand ups and moves to wash her hands when she accidently twist her leg and was about to fall on the ground and closes her eyes in fear of hurting herself but before she touch the ground and hurt herself she feel two muscular hand grabbing hold of her from her wriest saving her from falling holding her protectively she opens her eyes slowly and look at the pair of eyes looking at her with concern and fear and as soon as their eyes meet they both got lost in each other eyes looking at each other one with concern and fear asking if u r all right and other assuring that she is completely fine not to worry”.looking lovingly and admiring his love and concern for her”(maahi-maahi in the background guys”’.)



They didn’t relies the time don’t know from how long they were staring in to each other eyes lost in their dream world where no one was their only them and their love felled with their dream to be together always’



Maan’s ringing phone brought them back to the real world and they came out from the dream land maan looks here and there for his phone still in the same position not relishing that he was holding geet in his arms who was looking down not meeting his eyes feeling shy she was waiting for him to make her stand properly but when she relish that he still hadn’t relish about their position and was still holding her from her waist she goes all red looking at him who was still searching for his phone she called out””



Geet: maan sir’.



Maan: haan geet



Geet: maan sir woo main woo (not knowing what to say how to say she stammers)



Maan: haan geet bolo main soon rah hoon… (Still searching for his phone not able to find it)



Geet: maan sir main theek hoon”



These words of her makes maan look at her and he relished their position and he understood what she wanted to say so he makes her stand properly luckily she hadn’t hurt her leg (guys our geet is falling champion)



Maan: r u all right geet thumi lagi tu nahi Na



geet just nods her head feeling shy to say something when the phone rings again maan again starts his search looking here and their when geet goes in the kitchen and washed her hand she sees the phone on the counter and self talk…



geet:hey babaji what has happened to him today here is the phone and he is searching it near the table hey babaji if I ask him he won’t tell me about it akhir he to dusht-danav he na…



the phone rings again disturbing her talks she thinks she will ask him later when he is free as right now this call seem to be important as it is ringing again and again thinking like that call’s maan and tell him that the phone is on the kitchen counter…



Geet: maan sir here is it””



She hands him the phone when he answers the call and walks out of the kitchen while talking on the phone””..



Here in office Tasha inform Sasha about maan not coming to office and working from home for one week she gets hell angry as the thought of why was maan not coming to office he never does it and if it happened then he will swift office in outhouse as he can’t ignore office work at all unless it is really important then she ask Tasha if geet is coming or not””



Sasha: what about that bahenji (geet) is she coming to office or not’?



Tasha: I don’t know maam I had heard adi sir talking to pinky informing her that maan sir is not going to come to office for one week and is working from home only that’s all I heard them talking”’.



Hearing this Sasha just can’t control her anger and jealousy towards geet for snatching maan from her she was trying from last five years but maan never ever looked at her and talk to her only about work nothing personal and geet it’s just one month she came in this office and now she is engaged to maan what she was not able to do in last five year that bahenji did it in only one month she gets frustrated and shouts at Tasha ”.



Sasha: will u stop bothering me with Mk news I have more thinks to do then talking and gossiping just go to hell



Sasha bangs the file on the table angry and helpless as she can’t do anything she thinks geet I’ll not leave u this easily u had to pay for what u had done”’too me u snatched my love from me I’ll not leave u I hate geet I hate u”’she thinks in her mind her eyes spiting fire.


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