payalpari's maaneet land

part 6

MAAN HAS completed making the parathas and was keeping the last paratha in the dish when geet came in the kitchen ””’.and was shocked to see that MAAN has made her favorite aloo parathas for her she was shocked as she still remember that MAAN doesn’t like Indian food then how does he knows to cook it… she know that MAAN knows how to cook but she thought he only knows how to cock Italian food as its his favorite but Indian ””’..she was shocked plus confused as to how he knows to cook Indian ?she was standing and thinking from the past 2 minutes then She thought she will go crazy if she think so much so it will be better to ask him that how does he knows to cook Indian when he didn’t even like it she looks upward hey babaji ””



She again looks towards maan now he was cutting apple she was staring at him without blinking like he was an alien MAAN saw her standing at the door looking at him from past few minutes but ignored her as he was hell angry on her for not having her breakfast ”’..after few minutes when he was finished with his work he again looks at geet she was still standing their looking at MAAN with one eye brow raise with a questing look on her face’.’..MAAN just shook his head on her glaring at her as he picks up the food making his way to the dining table walking past geet whose eyes follows his every move cruises to know what is he doing ?…reaching the dining table placing the food he again looks at her and sees her looking at him with the same expression MAAN gets frustrated and glares at her again geet gulps’ her saliva looking away from him getting scared seeing him so angry she thinks what has she done now ?



MAAN Moves towards GEET angrily GEET gets scared seeing him coming towards her his eyes red with anger geet look upwards thinking babaji please save me making a puppy face at her babaji””’..



She looks towards maan who is now standing in front of her glaring at her she gets scared as she still remembers how angry he was and the way he scolded her in the living room she gulps her saliva once again trying to say something as she almost lost her voice seeing him so angry and glaring giving murderous looks towards her”””..her mouth went dry she once again gulps hard trying to say something but her voice came out as a whisper””..



Geet: maan sir”.who’..main”’.who”’..



Maan in return glares at her geet just eat her words making a baby face maan seeing her expression softens his expression taking a deep breath controlling his anger he holds her by her shoulder as if giving her a side hug and takes her to the dining table geet just keep looking at him with the same expression while he makes her sit on the chair and sat beside her serves her a paratha and waits for her to start eating but geet keeps on staring at him continuously making the same baby face with confusion in her eyes ‘..Maan shock her by her shoulder point towards the paratha with his eyes as he doesn’t want to talk to her as he was still angry with her for not having her break-fast and being irresponsible towards her health ””’suddenly geet gets her voice as she can’t sat quite for so long (as we all know talking is her favorite hobby)



Geet: maan sir why are u so angry? 




Ask geet innocently but her question only raises his anger on her making him really made and maan thinks ””””



Maan (self-thought) great here I am so angry on her and she doesn’t even know why I am so angry I wonder if she even knows that I am angry with her””’.god what do I do with this girl ghrhh he got really frustrated he was already trying very hard not to blast on her again as he was worried for her after whatever the doc said and when she said that she doesn’t had her breakfast he got worried as well as angry and blasted on her in the living room but when he came to kitchen he was feeling bad for scolding her as she was not well but at the same time he was angry on her for not having her breakfast so decided to not to talk to her””otherwise he will again shout at her and will again feel bad.


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