payalpari's maaneet land

part 5

maan: dr should geet continue going to office as u said she should not stress herself…
Dr: seeing him worried like this cold not help but smile Smileseeing his love and care for his wife and baby…
Dr: mr:khurana she can go to office their is no problem in that but after one week as for now she is rally weak and stressed out she needs to take rest and plz take care of her diet, medicine and that she takes proper rest.
maan noods his head and inquires mare about geet reports and discuss points on mood swings and carvings as dr tells and explains him everything .


After they lives from their and goes back home as geet cant go to office for one week .
maan (thinking): now what if geet will be not their in the office for one whole week what will i do in office and he remembers the time when he had fired geet and he was imagining her and everything that happened with him that day he gets worried  just by the thought of behaving like a maniac again in front of his office staff and behave like an idiot no way he is msk he cant do that and the main point he cant leave one second without geet and whole day without seeing her and her bak-bak no way the office without geet is nothing for him now he also knows that if he leaves geet alone in the outhouse then she wont take care of her self and what if somthing happened to both geet and baby in his absent (while thinking all this maan was driving the car and he shouts out aloud)nahiErmm
while stoping the car in front of the out house geet thinks what happened and ask him …
geet: maan sir kya nahi (with confused expressionConfused)
maan: haan …nahi …wo
geet: kya haan… nahi… wo kya hua maan sir app kuch such rahi thai kya (with the same confused expressionConfused)
maan: nahi geet main kuch nahi such raha tha chalu lets go inside 
geet thinks what happen to him then brushed the thought off her mind thinking dusht-danav hey babaji dont know what he was thinking leave it i am dam hungry.
Both goes inside the outhouse .
geet: maan sir mujhi bahut bhuk lagi hai shubha jaldi -jaldi main breakfast bhi nahi kiya …maan cuts her in between geeting angry that she din’t had her food and says or u can say shouts at her …
maan (in an dam angry toneAngry ): kya tumne breakfast nahi kiya geet ye kya tarika hai tum apne khane -pina per dhayan nahi de sakti .how can u be so care less and irresponsible towards u r and babies health god geet u sit hear i’ll make something for u …Angry(giving her deadly glare )
geet was first shock…Shocked that what happen to him that he is shouting like that at her and getting so angry then she gets scared seeing him glaring at her like that and her mouth gets dry …she is not able to say a single word seeing him getting so angry …
He makes her sit in the couch in the living room and goes towards the kitchen …as he goes inside geet glups down a glass of water from  the table present  in front of the sofa table to get her voice back…
geet: (talking to her babaji)dikhliya na appne babaji jab dekho mujhi biwaja datte rhate hain kya kaha maan sir ne nahi nahi dusht-danav ne dd ne main careless or irresponsible  houn abb maine kya kiya main tu inka wait karrahithi na breakfast kiliye fir inhone kya kiya attehi order dediya (speaking like maan )geet jaldi karo hume meeting keliye late ho rahi hain or waha se chale gaye woh bhi bina breakfast kiye liken ye kyun kisike sune lage ye tu the great maan  singh khurana hai na ye tu kabhi galat huhi nahi sakte …haan the great maan singh khurana who never does any thing wrong…hmmm dusht-danav ,das ser-wali-ravan , akaro, sadoo…and she goes on and on talking to her babaji and complaining  about maan and calling him from different names… until she suddenly remembers that she was hungry and goes towards the kitchen to see what maan is making …as she enters the kitchen she gets shock of her life geet cant belive her self what she show their …she is so shocked  by the sight in front of her …Shocked

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