payalpari's maaneet land

part 16

                                                                                                        (Banner credit goes to :maankimishty)

                   part : 16


Maan threatens her and poor geet just gulps her saliva getting hell scared now and looks up saying…


Geet: babaji yeh kya khe rahi hai babaji abb main kya karu?


Not getting any response maan shouts again…


Maan: geet if u don’t open the door in next 5 seconds then I am just going to break this dam door on the 6 second itself…


Roared maan in anger making geet shudder inside the bathroom…


And here maan started counting ””.


Maan: 1”’.2”.3


He pauses to see if there is any reaction from her side ‘..But not getting any reaction at all he continues ‘..


Maan: 4”.and


But was cut off by geets shout ‘.


Geet: nahiii”


While maan on the other hand took it in wrong way and thought that she is saying that she won’t open the door and replies to her nahiii’..


Maan: ok then don’t blame me ”


And the next moment as maan was about to break the door he again hears geet shout ”’..


Geet: nahiii


Maan: kya? Nahi geet?


He said in a frustrated tone while geet continue to save herself and the door from his wrath ”’


GEET: maan sir please don’t come inside I had forgot my clothes outside u give me my clothes and then I will come out please ”..


Geet said all this in one breath with her shaking voice and her heart thudding loud and sweating badly before maan breaks the door not letting him say or do anything ”’and saved herself and the poor door from his wrath ”.


while it took some seconds for maan to realize what geet was saying and listening to her he just groaned in frustration at her stupidity ””’


Maan (Thinking): uff yeh larki khud tu pagal hai he aur ek din mujhi garur pagal kerdigi pata nahi abhi ishne mera yeh haal Keya hai tu agie yeh mare Kay haal bana digi apne in karnamu say”.


And without answering or replying to her maan move towards the cupboard to take out some clothes for her when his gaze falls on her night dress on the bed and makes him goes back in flashback remembering him what happened few minutes back ”.maan come back to his senses shaking his head at his own stupidity realizing how he just forgot  his surrounding seeing her in her wet looks and how he just got lost in her and then dadima ‘s teasing and all he shakes his head and moves towards beds to collect her dress and give it to her so that she comes out of it then he will talk to her about her behavior in front of dadima ”he again gets angry remembering how she had pushed him on bed seeing dadima their ”’..maan reaches near the bed and bends down a lil to pick up her dress when his gaze feel on the side table where he sees the medicine and then he remembers why he came here at the first place and he at once leaves the dress and moves towards where the medicine’s were kept and picks it up to check whether geet had taken her medicines or not and seeing it he got his answers and his eyes got red in anger and his face got stern.. his jaw firm taking the medicines tightly in his hands maan moves towards the door not at all bothered about her dress any more he was hell angry before and seeing that geet had not taken her medicines his anger and frustration knew no bonds and he makes his way towards the bathroom door and knocks it really hard that geet who was waiting for maan behind the door jumps up getting scared as she had was busy thanking her babaji with her eyes closed for saving her and the door from maan’s wrath unaware of the coming danger in just few seconds’


Geet got shocked and as well as scared from the sudden banging of the door from outside when she heard maan’s voice saying”’.


Maan: geet yeh kya hay?


Geet got confused as to what was maan saying and looks up before asking maan”.


Geet: kya maan sir..?


Maan: yeh’?


Geet: yeh kya?


Geet asked all confused as she was really not getting what he was talking about ”.


 Maan: Tum ne abhi tak apni davayi kyun nahi li geet?


 Asked maan through his greeted teeth making geet gulp her saliva getting hell scared not knowing what to say she just looks up for help ”’.while the next second something happened making her eyes popped out off her sockets”..and her eyes wide open in shock ”..


At the same time in khurana mansion in one of the rooms:


Dev was standing near his window in his room thinking about the things he saw in the dining area he just couldn’t believe what he saw in front of his he eyes just couldn’t believe that this was the same girl and the person whose name was geet handa who he had cheated the scared and terrified girl who couldn’t even speak a word properly let alone a sentence was she the same girl whom his brother got engaged too who was fighting and answering his brother back like anything and arguing with him before whom no one can speak leaving dadima he was just lost not knowing if what he saw was true or his own imagination ””..



PRECAP : what has maan done ?ShockedWinkBlushing


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