payalpari's maaneet land

Part 2


Maan thinks god what to do now she is engary but i was just trying to litghting the situation maan do something otherwise she is not going to talk to u n see the way she had made that grumpy face oh god see looks so cute with those look i just wanna take her in my arms…and calls geet trying to pacify her with his smile …oh god the deadly smile any girl would die for but our geet is different but she forgives maan as  geet only wants maan to smile like these his hole life she ask maan… 


geet:maan sir i’ll forgive u if u promise me that u will always smile like this promise me…


and maan smile to hear this …(hohh…)


maan:geet i promise i’ll always keep smiling 


maan says all this to geet that to with a dashing smile of his (hoh…i am gonaa faint so many smile in just few min only our geet can do this to maan)



their talk is disturb as dadi ma came towards them and ask maaneet stand up then to everyone… 


dadima :hello everyone today i am really happy that my lovely grandson maan had chosen his life partner …and today they r going to get engage i am really lucky to get  geet as a daughter-in-law or u can say that i rather got a lovely daughteryah u all  hear me right she is like a daughter to me and will be my daughter to me …my lovely daughter geet …(dadi ma says  to maan) maan beta as u had already given the ring to geet …its geet who has to put ring on ur hand and u both will get officially engaged to each other …(to geet)geet beta put this ring on maan ‘s finger …(giving her the ring)


maan gives his hand to geet …geet takes maan’s hand in her hand and makes him where the ring …now  maaneet r officially engaged…………!

Morning maan is in his gym doing his regular exercise …nakul came their chote saab dadima said she wants to talk to u and geet baby she said she will be waiting at the dining table at sharp 8’o’ clock…maan nods his head and goes to his room…



                                                    Maan enters his room all the time he thinks what dadima wants to say ? he is in deep thoughts and goes to get ready…after getting ready its 7’o’clock maan thinks of informing geet about it so he picks up his cell and was about to dial geet  then thinks and he himself goes to outhouse…(ohh how can he miss the chance to meet his geet…that to this early in the morning …)



                                                Mere in outhouse our dear geet is still sleeping maan enter  outhouse and see around but dosent find geet so he goes to room and see her still sleeping…and get lost in her beauty and innoscence and thinks that she really  looks like  a kid while sleeping … (guys  mahi …mahi… in back ground)


                           Geet open her eyes only to find maan staring at her  geet started seeing him here early in the morning and think as to why is he here she gets up and come towards him our maan is still lost is his thought  about geet(hehehehe…)geet see him staring at the empty bad and pokes his shoulder maan comes out of his dreamland and see her standing beside him with one eyebrow raised maan turns his face from geet as he is embarrassed  of being caught and before  geet  ask him something maan says that dadima wants to meet them at the breakfast table at sharp 8’o’ clock so she should get ready as geet leasten to what maan has said she forget everything and says aloud kya …maan put his finger in his ears and ask her why is she shouting geet says that its already 7:40…and he is telling her now but before maan can answer she runs to washroom to get ready…maan gets angry on her behaviour and goes from their …


                             dining table dadima and maan both are waiting for geet as its 8’o’clock geet reaches their after 5 mins maan gives her a glare… to which geet gives a confuses look… dadi see this and smiles at them she knows that how much they faught with each other but she also knows that they love each other more then anything…geet ignor maan’s stare as she is angry… at him for not informing her before and says to dadima sorry dadima for coming late dadima says its ok and ask her as to why she is late she says that maan dose’nt told about it to her before that ‘s why she is late …maan glares… at her and says if someone sleeps like a horse then its not his fault…as geet listen to this her mouth is big ‘o’…she says she dosent wake up early as she was tierd  and sleep late after the engagement party got over at 2 in the morning …and they continue their fight like this its 8:30 they are still fighting dadima had enough of thier non-sense and shouts…chup…both maan and geet look towards an angry dadima and then at each other like its u r fault  and again towards dadima making baby… faces and says together 

maaneet : dadima woh …


                    but before they open their mouth  dadi ma says that she wants to talk about somthing important to them…maaneet look at each other than looking toward dadima and says sorry dadima to which dadima says that they better not repeat it to which maaneet nods like a baby and waits for dadima to say what she wanna say…

PRECAP: What did dadi wanna say ?

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